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Veteran's Day Celebration

Soldiers of St. Michael
November 11, 2018

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On Sunday November 11th, 2018 the family of St. Spyridon's Orthodox Church said a big thank you to our communities veterans, and our city's first respondents. The soldiers of St. Michael celebration was kicked off by a sermon from Fr. Evan, followed by a memorial service done in honor of all veteran's/first respondents who have fallen in duty, or passed on. This then followed by prayer for those present in our congregation who serve, and the distribution of gifts; A small Icon of St. Michael, a prayer of protection, and a thin blue line silicone bracelet.

We were also blessed to have special guests from Loveland Fire Rescue, and Loveland Police SWAT!! Awesome!!! Located in the south parking lot/fire lane, were two fire trucks, and the Loveland Police SWAT armored car. The kids, and adults, of St. Spyridon's Church were given the grand tour and explanation of these special service vehicles, pictures were taken, and kids were given stickers from each crew.

We cannot forget the hard work of the fellowship team who set up an amazing fellowship time of hotdogs, salad, chips, etc... Braving the, at times, blustery and snowy conditions, Andrew Swanson and Jason Mantas fired up the grill and prepared the food. This day was truly a day of gratitude, laughter, and fun! Thank you to all of our communities service men/women, thank you to our special guests from Loveland Fire and Loveland PD, thank you to Fr. Evan and Deacon Mark, and thank you to all members of the fellowship team; Cathi Aigaki, Andrew Swanson, and Jason Mantas for making this day work, and making it possible. Through the intercessions of St. Michael, and the Heavenly Armies, may God grant this community the blessing of His peace, protection, love, and gratitude!!!

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Jacob Ruggles

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“An Orthodox community where people find transformation in Jesus Christ.”

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