“An Orthodox community where people find transformation in Jesus Christ.”

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What is Stewardship?

It has been said that Orthodoxy is the “best kept secret in America.” Let us change that by welcoming those who yearn for the ancient church and its treasury of blessings, hope and faith. With your gifts we are able to expand the faith to those still searching for the “one, holy and apostolic” church.

What is stewardship? Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris provides his reflection: “Christian Stewardship is about becoming good caretakers of all that God has given us. God has given each of us special and unique gifts. And through Holy Scripture He teaches us all that we have is a loan. He lends everything to us, and reminds us that one day He will ask us to give a detailed accounting of what we have done with the gifts He has given us. Archbishop Anastasios of Albania has noted that “we find ourselves by offering ourselves.” Have we learned the blessedness of generously giving to others of all we have?”

He continues: “One day, a person complained to his priest that the Church and Christianity is one continual “give, give, give.” To which the priest replied, “Thank you very much for the finest definition of Christianity I have ever heard. You’re right, Christianity is all about a constant “give, give, give.” God giving His only Son to the world to show His unconditional love. His Son Jesus giving His life on the cross to forgive our sins and destroy death. Then our Lord’s disciples giving all they had to make sure God’s Good News of love was preached to all people everywhere. They not only gave away their homes and businesses, but even gave up their lives as martyrs in gratitude to God! It is by offering our blessings back to God that He will be able to continue His forgiving, healing, liberating, empowering, transfiguring, loving ministry through the Church. For God, Infinite though He is, has chosen to work through us, through our gifts, to continue His saving work in the world today.”

Your generous offerings of Treasure allow our faith community to grow physically and spiritually. Your financial generosity supports our staff, mortgage, and building expenses, as well as our youth and education programs, overseas missionaries, Loveland Community Kitchen, Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage, to name but a few. By making a yearly stewardship pledge, you acknowledge that everything we have is gift from God, and we offer back a portion of those gifts to Him.

As important as your financial contributions, your commitments of Time and Talent not only support the parish, but help you grow spiritually as well. As has been said, “To serve is a joy and a privilege, and in serving we grow spiritually. It is not enough for our love of Christ to remain hidden only within our hearts. It must be expressed outwardly as well.” Please seek out ways to offer yourself to the church through our various groups, ministries or volunteer staff positions.

Thank you for your support.

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“An Orthodox community where people find transformation in Jesus Christ.”

Worship - Service - Community - Education

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